About Us

We are ORIENT Class

Steered by passionate people with a common purpose, we are dedicated to the safety
and quality of life and property at sea and the protection and preservation of the marine environment in the Philippines.    

Our Vision

To be the Leading Local Classification Society invoking SAFETY as our PRIORITY.

ORIENT Class aims to be at the forefront of uplifting the quality of domestic shipping industry in the Philippines by responding to the Classification requirements of Domestic Shipping Owners and Managers as well as to comply beyond the rules and regulations of the Maritime Industry Authority in pursuit of performance and safety excellence.

Our Mission

ORIENT Class as a duly accredited Local Classification Society for Ships in the Domestic Trade pursues to provide quality Classification and Technical Advisory BEYOND CLASSIFICATION. 

We aim to provide professional maritime surveys and technical advisory services ensuring maintainable ships providing safety of life and property at sea and protection of the marine environment.

Code of Ethics

All Members of Orient Register of Shipping, Inc. (ORIENT Class) shall be bound by the following Code of Ethics which we must know by heart:

  1. Members shall, at all times, and in all their dealings, be guided by the highest standards of decency, integrity, fairness and professionalism and shall at all times endeavor to provide adequate performance of required services;
  2. Members shall not, at any time, engage in any business transaction or occupation that is contrary to law, morals or public policy;
  3. Members shall not engage in any activity that will jeopardize or be in conflict with the interests of ORIENT Class;
  4. Members shall not use the name of ORIENT Class to advance their own personal interests;
  5. Members shall always uphold the confidentiality of plans, records and any other document under the custody of ORIENT Class;
  6. Members shall disclose to ORIENT Class and to the other members in case of conflict of interest pertaining to any matter on which the decision or opinion of a member is sought and voluntarily inhibit himself from the deliberation thereon
  7. Members shall not engage in or encourage sensationalism; and shall avoid giving exaggerated statements concerning any matter that involves ORIENT Class.
  8. Members will refer to and recommend recognized marine industry compliance standards and shall provide our clients/shipowners with the highest level of comprehensive and honest appraisal of the condition of their vessel. 

Members of ORIENT Class have high moral standards and it is expected that everyone shall act in an ethical manner in all matters. Violation of any of the foregoing provisions shall be ground to suspend or expel a member from ORIENT Class, upon affirmative vote or majority of all the members.

This Code of Ethics is a salient part of our corporate culture that describes what brings us together as a professional classification society. It is the foundation of our shared expectations of each other.