Our Work

ORIENT Class is distinguished as a fair third-party, independent Society by maritime transport, shipbuilding, and other maritime related industries around the Philippines.

Ships classed by ORIENT Class ensures recognition and acceptance by the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) and underwriter organizations.


Refers to the issuance of classification certificates attesting that the structural and integrity of essential parts of the ship’s hull and its appendages, and the reliability and function of the propulsion and steering systems, power generation and those other features and auxiliary systems are in accordance with their published standard.

Survey and Certification for Classification of Ships

Before a ship can be certified, it must be surveyed in accordance with technical Rules and Regulations of ORIENT Class. Once the ship has been surveyed to the satisfaction of the surveyor, classification of the ship is reviewed by the Classification Committee of ORIENT Class and if approved, a Certificate of Classification, as appropriate, is issued and the ship is entered into ORIENT Register of Shipping Registry of Ships.

Surveys for Maintenance of Class

Ships that have been classed and certified with the ORIENT Class undergo periodic and occasional surveys to ensure that they continue to satisfy ORIENT Class technical Rules and the Requirements of Classification.

Ship Classification Related Services

  • Survey and Certification of ships during construction
  • Survey and Certification of ship installations, machinery and appliances
  • Survey and Inspection of ships in service for the maintenance of class


Services related to Classification in terms of ship design, construction, development of technical/safety policy referred to by the Administration.*

*MARINA MC MS 2020-01/Section III- Definition of Terms, No. 6 and Section IV- General Provisions, No. 2

Technical consultancy services include a range of specialist services aimed at helping ship owners, operators and builders. These include: specification and supervision services, fuel and lubricant analysis, risk assessment and management, technical investigations of damage and vibration, training and emergency response services for major problems such as fires, groundings or collisions, review of plans and ship’s specifications, audit of quality management system and type approval of machineries and equipment.

To ascertain the efficient implementation of classification services, ORIENT Class delivers high-value technical consultation, technical operations management, and overall technical advisory management advising our clients/ship owners on solution design, cost reduction and operational excellence of their ships and related machineries and equipment.

Technical Advisory Service gives you access to a designated Technical Advisor (TA), who will serve as your guide, advocate, consultant, and partner to deliver high-value technical consultation and overall technical account management.

The TA comes with a diverse set of skills and brings in cross-functional expertise to help you efficiently manage your operational goals and challenges. Backed by the whole ORIENT Class organization, your TA will understand your specific requirements and collaborate effectively with various Technical Working Group (TWG). In short, your TA will be your strong voice and advocate within ORIENT Class focused on helping you achieve maximum operational efficiency.

By providing definite and pragmatic recommendations for improvement, our Technical Advisory Services can help you eliminate potential blocking issues of your management and operations to reach performance excellence.

Our experts have an in-depth understanding of the maritime industry and underlying technical operations –meaning they are well placed to address your specific system requirements and technical issues.

Safe Ships, Safe Seas

ORIENT Class supports the development of a more sustainable marine industry by providing assistance to the industry in developing safety, environmental and efficiency improvement. To achieve this, ORIENT Class commits to become more effective and efficient in delivering our core classification services. We will use our experience and expertise to ensure the delivery of a broader range of services in support to the needs of our clients and the domestic shipping industry.

ORIENT Class is innovative and partners with people inside and outside of the maritime sector in the development and provision of new solutions for the domestic shipping industry. Undoubtedly, ORIENT Class will continue to be a major player on raising standard of ship safety and reduction of marine pollution.